Welsh Affairs

We’re privileged to have been invited to give evidence to the ‘Broadband in Wales Inquiry’ which is been conducted by Welsh Affairs Select Committee in the Westminster Parliament on 5th July.

Do you have have feelings around the following points?

  1. Why increasing Broadband should be prioritized
  2. What are the particular issues that face Wales
  3. Why is Broadband take-up lower in Wales
  4. Can Government do more to promote the benefits to business
  5. Are Government plans for super-fast Broadband adequate
  6. What can be done to eradicate Broadband Not Spots
  7. What’s your experience of Mobile Broadband Coverage
  8. How do you feel about alternative solutions such as satellite,  for the delivery of your broadband

We value your thoughts, so please do get in touch either by emailing abby@disconnectedwales.com or phone 07764 236353