UK Broadband Topping the EU Charts

The UK Government has long stated that it would like the UK to have the “fastest broadband of any major European country by 2015”.

The Welsh Government states that it’s “committed to seeing Wales become a truly digital nation” and becoming “one of the most connected countries in the world by Spring 2016.” That said for many homes and businesses in Rural Wales accessing fast and reliable Broadband is still hit and miss affair.

Whilst some still maybe struggling with poor internet access, the UK Regulator OFCOM have released their European Broadband Scorecard which shows the impressive improvement with the UK topping the charts in a number of categories.


Whilst the progresss of Broadband deployments is positive news for Wales, the Broadband Scorecard will may prove uncomfortable reading for many in rural communities who already feel digitally disenfranchised and left behind in the digital slow lane.