The Universal Service Commitment in Wales

Broadband Delivery UK BDUK have been very active of late with spending announcements for North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Wales.  However they’ve now decided to postpone what was previously described as a “pitifully unambitious” target of providing its 2Mbps ‘Universal Service Commitment’ for all by 2012 until 2015.

In November 2010 Ed Vaisey (Head of BDUK) stated that we are now at a “Tipping Point in relation to the online world” which reinforced Lord Carters belief that “it’s crucial we ensure that rural communities aren’t left behind as the rest of the country enjoys the benefits of a 21st Century Digital Britain“.

These statements echo the widely held belief illustrated in the Digital Britain Report which stated that we’re “moving conferring advantage on those who have it to conferring active disadvantage on those who are without”.

Therefore if the  Welsh Government’s vision of vision of making Wales “one of the best places in the world to live, to work and to thrive”  is to be believed, this a moment of great opportunity for WG to deliver infrastructure and broadcast positive rhetoric of success in Wales