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BT’s boost to the economy in Wales

In May 2015 the UK Government confirmed that BT would have to hand back £129m of tax payers money invested in Superfast Broadband due to the amount of customers taking up of the service

In May 2015 BT commissioned London based Regeneris Consulting to produce an updated assessment of BT’s contribution to the UK economy.

Today (November 4th 2015) BT announced the findings of the Regeneris report, which makes healthy claims around job creation and regional suppliers. But what about the progress of the Superfast Broadband roll-out in Wales?

The last independent last (published in May 2015) by Welsh Audit Office, reported that:

  • 47% of targeted intervention areas could now access next generation broadband, but Wales still had the lowest levels of next generation broadband access of all the UK countries.
  • The take-up of next generation broadband at these premises was 13 per cent. However, many of the more difficult-to-connect premises remain.

With more public money being spent on Superfast Cymru Extension programmes, it’s yet to be seen how many people can actually access Superfast Broadband and how many are enjoying the service.

Ofcom report that Wales is catching up

Ofcom report that broadband coverage is ‘catching up’ in Wales but still lags behind England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

BT claim that they are making great progress with the Superfast Cymru upgrade programme, passing more than 5,000 premises per week.   However independent industry analysts such as Think Broadband argue that the Superfast Cymru roll-out will will undershoot its 96% target (roughly 700,000 premises) and only achieve 80% coverage by final completion of the project in 2016.

The Welsh Government are clearly aware of the limitations of Superfast Cymru project and are currently consulting with suppliers to take part in the Superfast Cymru ‘infill’ programme.

In the meantime the Ofcom report can be seen here.