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WG release ‘Superfast Cymru’ Post Code data

The Welsh Goverment/BT Superfast Cymru project aims  to deliver high speed fibre broadband to 96% of homes and businesses in Wales by 2016.

So far Superfast Cymru has issued information on where and where the rollout will be delivered here. 

As of 28th May you can now check if your postcode is included in the intervention area for Superfast Cymru by clicking here.

It is worth remembering that even if your local BT street cabinet is being enabled you are not assured of a ‘superfast broadband’ (24Mbps). The further away you are away  from the BT infrastructure the slower your speed, as can be seen below.


Nevertheless check out if your post code is included in Superfast Cymru intervention area.  If you have any questions please email us; info@disconnectedwales.com

* Note: the postcode data pdf can take a while to download

BT Wholesale quotes Broadband speeds up to 50 meters

Broadband ‘Up to’ speeds have long been a source of frustration for customers, service providers and a headache for the regulator Ofcom.

Superfast Broadband delivered by BT’s  ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ (FTTC) is not only is subject to ‘network congestion’ and ‘traffic management’ but also the length of the copper line to your premises as illustrated below.

Following recent complaints from Service Providers, BT Wholesale now state that “Speed estimates assume an average local line length of 50 metres, however this is an average and local line length can sometimes be up to 1km“.

According to ISP Review, data collected by Think Broadband (TB) estimates that 90% of the UK cabinet-to-premise line lengths are under 1km (therefore 10% are above). Using test data from BTInfinity customers, TB suggest an average (mean) length of 450m, with a median of 550m. (Although ISP review warn that ‘this is not an exact science’).

So, as more users upgrade to ‘Superfast’ Broadband,  if you are any distance from your BT cabinet (perhaps 50 meters or more) remember that the speed your Service Provider may quote you, sadly may not turn out to be what you get.