Ofcom have published an interactive map showing ‘accurate information on broadband take-up, speeds and availability’ using data provided by communications providers.

Clearly vast sways of Wales languish in the red zone.

For many of us, our communications providers tell us what broadband speed we should receiving, however when we actually test our line speeds the results differ and also fluctuate given the time of day.

Therefore we are very interested in what speeds you actually get.

Please do get in touch with us at with your experience & line speed, so that together we can do something about it!

Don’t forget the Welsh Government’s Broadband Support Scheme has now been replaced by Access Broadband Cymru, and available to those who receive less than 2Mbps downstream and whose Broadband service will not be upgraded under Superfast Cymru.

To find out whether you qualify for the Access Broadband Cymru grant click here and scroll down to the map of Wales.

We understand that Access Broadband Cymru grants are available for premises in the areas coloured blue, categorised¬† as ‘Further planning and surveying is currently been done…’.

Note: To qualify for Access Broadband Cymru you will have to submit 3 different line test reports taken at different times as supporting evidence.

For further maps and information on Broadband in Wales scroll down below…

Superfast Cymru is tasked with addressing the intervention area which is illustrated in as white in the illustration below.

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.

Fig 4. Fibrespeed is a £30M Fibreoptic network running across North Wales managed by GEO Networks and financed by Welsh Government.

Fig 5. Digital Inclusion in Wales

Fig 6. Convergence Areas in Wales

Convergence Areas