Welsh facts & figures

  • Population    3 million (1.34 million households)    Equal to 5% of total UK population
  • Age profile    Median age of 41 yrs in Wales,   Median age of 39.5 yrs in UK
  • Language    Welsh spoken by 20.8% of population in Wales,    Welsh is the first language for 0.4% of the UK population
  • Income    Weekly household income: £585 in Wales  Weekly household income in UK: £683 Weekly household expenditure: £396 in Wales,   Weekly household expenditure in UK:£455
  • Unemployment    7.9% of working population in Wales,    7.7% of working population in UK

Ofcom have published an interactive map showing ‘accurate information on broadband take-up, speeds and availability’ using data provided by communications providers. Clearly vast sways of Wales languish in the red zone.

For many of us, our communications providers tell us what broadband speed we should receiving, however when we actually test our line speeds the results differ and also fluctuate given the time of day.

Therefore we are very interested in what speeds you actually get. If you’d like to highlight your Broadband experience, please feel free to complete our 10 point survey here.  It will take 2-3 minutes of your time.