Broadband in Rural Wales

Disconnected Wales exists to enable people and communities in Rural Wales to function effectively in a digitally connected world.

Our goal is to deliver a level playing field for consumers and businesses in Rural Wales so that we can all enjoy parity in costs, speed and service for our Internet connectivity and super fast broadband.

The pace of change with technology presents a problem for towns, villages and communities in Rural Wales as there is a poor business case for the incumbent telecommunications companies to deliver Next Generation Broadband Services to almost 2/3s of the Wales given the nature of our geography.  The Welsh Government are currently in the process of procuring ‘ a super-fast broadband, however this will still require small rural communities to find individual creative solutions in order to get connected.

Instead of being left behind on the wrong side of the so called ‘Digital Divide’ we aim to do something about it.  So Disconnected Wales seeks to raise awareness of the problem and support local communities to do something about this issue by;

  • Empowering communities through local projects
  • Enable local community campaigns by providing the tools required for success
  • Educate the young, the busy and the wise about the benefits of broadband and the latest digital tools
  • Stimulate Enterprise

We’re passionate about our future in Rural Wales.  We live here and we want to make a difference.

If you’d like to discuss your situation and your interest in Disconnected Wales, please contact Abby Hanson on 07764 236353 or email

2 thoughts on “Broadband in Rural Wales”

  1. Hi Carl


    We are in the early stages of helping people, communities & businesses across Wales get access to broadband

    So that we can address the issue here in Wales, we’re interested in your experience & any examples that you may have of poor quality fixed line and/or mobile broadband service

    Please do let us know if we can help you or pass on the word to others who may need help..



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