Better Broadband for Rural Wales

Better quality broadband, lower prices and faster speeds could be on the way for thousands of Broadband customers in Rural Wales.

More than 600,000 homes and businesses across Wales stand to benefit from todays OFCOM ruling to BT Wholesale to reduce its Wholesale charges by 12% to Service Providers in OFCOM Market 1 areas.

The so-called  ‘Market 1’ areas are areas where BT Wholesale is the only provider in town.  For Wales this stretches to 48% of the nation. In these areas customers are usually served with ADSL Max products which provide download speeds up to a maximum8Mbps, with customers receiving typically 1.5-3.5Mbps.

The regulator hopes its decision will encourage BT to invest in the latest ADSL2 technology which provides download speeds of up to 24Mbps, however its ruling increases the pressure on BT’s costs and retail competition.

Whilst BT argue, that there’s nothing new in today’s order, since these proposals that were widely reported on earlier this year.  One thing is for sure; thousands of broadband customers throughout the Principality could stand to gain with more choice and the possibility of flexible pricing to attract their custom to marketing savvy service providers in Rural Wales.