BT Openreach defends Broadband rollout

Joe Garner CEO BT Openreach acknowledges that whilst people are impatient to get hold of Superfast Broadband there a parts of the country that BT will not reach.

In conversation with Justin Webb on BBC Radio 4, Garner sticks to BT messaging whilst Webb challenges him on when and how Broadband is being deployed.

Garner claims that Openreach publish on their website every individual property.  We’d like to hear your experience if you can find your property and if you’ve been missed by Superfast Cymru.

When challenged over BT’s coverage in cities, Garner stumbles over the question of BT’s preference to sell more expensive business products instead of more affordable services.

Finally Garner admits that despite receiving substantial Government funding Openreach will fail to deliver services to hard to reach areas.

To view Joe Garner’s interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme click here