MIP in Wales

MIP – ‘Mobile Infrastructure Project’ aims to improve the coverage and quality of mobile network services for consumers and businesses where existing mobile network coverage is poor or non-existent.

The £150m contract award has been granted to Arqiva who own masts around the country and rents space on them to broadcasters and mobile network operators.

MIPs big challenge is to extend coverage to at least 98% of the UK population. Whilst it remains unclear what percentage of the Welsh population will be covered, the north to south A470 trunk route has been earmarked for deployment for sometime.

MIP is being run by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) who are the same UK Government unit behind  ‘Next Generation Broadband in Wales’, and the ‘Super Connected Cities’ programme which has been awarded to Cardiff and Newport respectfully.

As with ‘Next Generation Broadband in Wales’ the MIP project was originally set to complete by 2015, although this could run into 2017.  Both projects hope to help connect local communities, create local jobs and contribute to national growth.

With consumers and businesses increasingly using mobile broadband services, MIP has a real opportunity to deliver a positive impact on the lives and economic prospects of those in the heart rural Wales.

That’s Entertainment

BT are making a splash in the UK Entertainment pool, taking on Virgin and Sky with a new range of content such as BT Sport. But which of one the ‘Big 3’ providers has the best package?

All three providers are subsidizing traditional telephone and broadband packages but if its faster Broadband you want, then carefully consider your requirements before been drawn into attractive ‘triple-play’ offers.

Most BT & Sky customers access Broadband via traditional ADSL, whilst the Virgin network has a limited footprint in Wales.  BT in Partnership with the Welsh Government, are currently upgrading their infrastructure to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) through the ‘Superfast-Cymru’ program, so you might reasonably assume that you can enjoy faster broadband, cheaper telephone calls and premium entertainment channels straight away.  This may/may not be the case.  To see when you’re exchange is due to be upgraded visit www.superfast-cymru.com.

We all enjoy paying less and want more value for our money. But if it’s a better Broadband service you need, having content maybe nice but not actually want you need right now.

If you suffer from slow Broadband and would like to discuss your options in getting a better service, the please contact us: info@disconnectedwales.com