Rural de-population and lack of opportunity

Do the following points resonate with you?
Are you in agreement the conclusion?

  • The primary school closed
  • The local shop closed
  • The post office closed
  • Loss of local jobs
  • Loss of incentive to live in rural villages

Increased community fragility, with more houses let which means that tenants are able to hand in their notice and move into the towns at three months notice.

The continued amalgamation of farms and mechanization of farming means that the numbers employed in farming has dropped significantly, which is dramatically affecting rural areas given its strong dependence on agriculture.

The most common reasons given to leave rural communities is the:

  • Lack of activities and opportunity for the young
  • Cost of transport
  • Poor communications (slow broadband/unreliable mobile coverage/limited choice of providers)

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Monmouthshire -‘Local Broadband Networks’

People and businesses across Monmouthshire could soon reap the benefits from a faster broadband.

Monmouthshire County Council is seeking to help communities struggling with poor internet, gain access to better broadband through a brand enterprise run by the council’s ‘Adventa’ programme.

The ‘Local Broadband Networks’ initiative in conjunction with the Rural Development Plan for Wales has commissioned a survey to better understand people’s need and identify areas where the council can assist.

‘Adventa’ Social Enterprise development officer Deserie Mansfield states that ‘If you are in area the suffers from poor service we want to know about it.”

So, for people living, working or visiting Monmouthshire and would like to air their feelings about the state of broadband in the county. Visit;

Further details and copies of the survey are available from Deserie Mansfield on (01633-7448311) or by email  Survey forms must be returned by March 9th and results will be published in mid May on the Monmouthshire County Council website